I’m so glad you stopped by to visit my art site. My name is Sandra Conner, but my artist name is Ahyoka. That is a Cherokee name that means “She brings happiness.” I focused on my Cherokee heritage in choosing that name because I want my art to bring refreshment, peace, and a touch of happiness to each person who sees it.

This site is not intended as a marketplace. I do sell my artwork — in different avenues. I create greeting cards and stationery that feature my paintings and sketches. I sell hundreds of products with my paintings on them through my Art-by-Ahyoka Shop on the Redbubble website. I have published two coloring books that feature my sketches. And, of course, I sell prints and some of my original paintings and sketches as well. If you are interested in purchasing some of my work, I have put three links at the end of this article that will give you more information.

But on this site, I’d just like to offer a gallery of my original works for people to enjoy. So, hopefully, you will scroll through these pages and enjoy a restful, happy few minutes with me.  And if you’re a WordPress blogger, you’ll see a “Follow” button. If you’re not, you’ll see a “Subscribe” button in the Footer section below. Use either one to get notifications every time I post something new here.

Thanks again for visiting. And if you have any questions about the works, feel free to contact me at this email address:  artbyahyoka@gmail.com.

Interested in purchasing? These 3 links will give you more information and directions:
My ‘Art by Ahyoka’ Facebook Page
My ‘Art-by-Ayoka’ shop on Redbubble.
My Amazon Author Page (This is where you can find the coloring books)